California has long been viewed as a national leader in legislation to protect the environment and personal health.  This dedication to protecting the well-being of its citizens combined with the alarming effects that global warming is having throughout the state, has made it clear that the Los Angeles termite control industry is long overdue for important reform.

At Springer Termite Solutions, we urgently see the need for pest control reform.  Traditionally, the industry has relied only on toxic chemicals to solve pest problems.  Based on the current success of many non-chemical treatments, we now offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Los Angeles.  With our IPM services, we are prepared for the future of pest control with environmentally friendly solutions that are now available for all of our customers, including both residential and commercial.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a highly effective and environmentally sensitive approach that solves your termite problem efficiently and safely.  IPM programs analyze important information on the life cycles of pests and how they interact with their environments.  The details that this information provides is used for determining which pest control methods to use, and provides a way to manage pest control problems in an economical way.  Through this common sense approach to safer yet effective services, Springer Termite Solutions is able to provide environmentally friendly pest control in Los Angeles that is also safe for your family.

The IPM approach to environmentally friendly pest management can be used in many types of both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, including homes, gardens and the workplace.  It is important to remember that sometimes a chemical approach like termite fumigation is the only way to completely solve a termite infestation.  IPM considers every possible pest management option, including using pesticides.  While it is not considered an organic termite control approach, the end result may be natural termite control, depending on which method is deemed to be the best for that situation.

IPM allows us to utilize all of our knowledge about effective pest control to determine the most effective way to clear your home of pests safely yet entirely.  Once we have made our recommendations, we are happy to discuss any possible environmental or health concerns you may have.  If you are unsure about what a product is, or if it really is the best option, just ask. Our trained experts are ready to assist you with any concern you may have.

Utilizing IPM is just one way that Spring Termite Solutions is supporting environmentally sound pest control practices that are so urgently needed in California.  We support industry reform that protects both the environment and the citizens.

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