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There are few times your home is more thoroughly examined than during termite inspections.

At Springer Termite Solutions, our goal to provide you with the best assessment of the condition of your home and provide you with recommendations that will prevent future damage to your home. The majority of damages we repair could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

We often find such problems as leaking pipes, roofs, stall showers and leaking toilets long before they cause major damages and costly repairs. When termite infestations are found in the early stages, localized treatments are the most effective and less costly.

Service Control AgreementsĀ are the best way to maintain your home and give you peace of mind.

Termite Treatment Service Control Agreement Pricing
Annual termite inspection cost $95.00
Annual termite control (Drywood Termites only) $250.00
Annual termite control (Drywood & Subterranean Termites) $350.00

Extended warranties available on all treatments.

Annual service control agreements include a full termite inspection with a written report, and any treatments necessary to maintain the house. Fungus damages and repairs are not included.

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